Kinder Morgan® – Safety Requirements

1February 2017

Over the last several years, Kinder Morgan, Inc. has implemented its Contractor Safety Program. The focus is to improve the safety and health of all personnel who work at our facilities and to protect the environment in which we work. An important component is to require that all contractors who provide services at our facilities participate in our contractor safety evaluation program. In order to be considered by Kinder Morgan® during the contractor services selection process, each contract company is required to subscribe and maintain a subscription to ISNetworld® ( ISNetworld® serves as Kinder Morgan’s® primary contractor information management system.

Your company’s ISNetworld® subscription will provide Kinder Morgan® access to the following information:

  1. EHS Questionnaire – ISNetworld® contains the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ) which will be utilized to gather your company’s EHS data and quarterly statistics.

  2. EHS Programs – ISNetworld® RAVS® (Review and Verification Services) will review your written health and safety programs for compliance with regulatory and/or Kinder Morgan® standards.

  3. EHS Training – ISNetworld® T-RAVS® (Training – Review and Verification Services) will review your employees’ proof of training records.

  4. Certificate of Insurance – ISNetworld® I-RAVS® (Insurance – Review and Verification Services) will review your certificate of insurance specific to Kinder Morgan requirements.

  5. Department of Transportation (DOT) Operator Qualification (OQ) Information – Contractors impacted by the OQ regulation must ensure their employees’ OQ records are entered into ISNetworld® and made available to Kinder Morgan®.

  6. DOT Drug & Alcohol Information – Contractors performing DOT work must have a DOT Drug and Alcohol Plan in place. This plan is reviewed by Kinder Morgan’s® third party auditor, National Compliance Management Services (NCMS).

  7. Onsite Reviews/Audits – Another important component of our program consists of performing onsite reviews/audits of contractors’ EHS programs to verify safe work practices. ISNetworld® will be used to store audit results. At some time in the near future, and with prior notice, your company may be audited and the results posted in ISNetworld®

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